We are seeking your views on what you would like to see on the remaining part of the former Cramond Campus site.

Following the Edinburgh City Council Planning Committee on 9th November 2022, AMA with the support of the appointed community organisations and Local Councillors is taking forward an agreed process to enable a revised vision for the campus site to come forward. See agreed joint statement below. As part of this process, AMA (the landowner) is currently undertaking a full new appraisal and needs analysis of sport/physical activity options and supporting commercial elements to deliver sports provision on the remaining part of the former Cramond Campus site.

PMR Leisure has been appointed to engage the community and wider sporting organisations to bring forward ideas and options for sustainable sports and community ideas. This is part of an 8 month initial appraisal process which will conclude in summer 2023, after which viable options for the site will be taken forward and developed in greater detail.

Penny Lochhead from PMR Leisure welcomes everyone to give their views and would like to thank those that have already come forward with their ideas and comments on what they would like to see on the site. The ongoing process will include direct consultation with groups and organisations as well as drop-in sessions and community meetings at various points in the process. This website will be updated as the process continues in the coming months.

Community Engagement Sessions

Have your Say

Thank you to everyone for your time who attended the drop-in on Thursday 28th at the Kirk hall. We received some really supportive and encouraging positive comments on the community engagement outcomes from of the last 8 months work and that we are going in the right direction for the site.

It was lovely to see everyone again. However, we realise not everyone could attend so we have put the released the latest information shared from our most recent drop-in session on cramondcampus.org.uk, which can be viewed in the Updates section for anyone to read in their own time. The process is continuous engagement, so please if you wish to, send comments to the email below so they can be added to those we heard at the session and help is shape the plans as we move to the design stages for the site. This is not in the formal planning process at this stage.

Please email Cramond@pmrleisure.co.uk with your comments.

Agreed Joint Community Statement

November 2022

The Developers AMA and members of the Cramond Association, Brighouse Residents Association, Cramond and Barnton Community Council and local Cllr Kevin Lang (on behalf of all local Ward Councillors) have been meeting to discuss the delivery of sports provision at the remainder of the Cramond Campus site.

These meetings have now led to an agreed way forward for AMA to appoint PMR Leisure, Sports and Leisure Consultants to now undertake a fresh look at the project and work closely with the community groups, local people, CEC Officers, Sportscotland and others

It is hoped that working together and openly, an evidence-based process will bring forward a sustainable and viable solution for the site which everyone can be supportive of. It has to take account of the community interests and requirements.

The collective has agreed a Route Map for taking things forward and the first stage of this, over an 8 month period, is for AMA to undertake a full new appraisal and needs analysis of sport /physical activity options and supporting commercial elements having particular regard to the need for sports facilities and open space/ park for the local community, children and schools, as well as national and regional needs. Consultation with the community will form a critical part of the process. The aim is to reach a consensus on the way forward.

It is proposed that the Route Map will be reported to the Development Management SubCommittee at City of Edinburgh Council in November, which will formally start the process if approved. In the meantime, Penny Lochhead of PMR Leisure will start the early process and next steps will be for her contact details to be made available and a local communications process agreed and put into place.

AMA and the community organisations will engage positively with this process. We hope that all the community of Cramond see this as positive step forward and openly engage with Penny as she takes the process forward. Penny will contact local groups, schools and have local drop in sessions for members of the public to ensure they have an opportunity to share their views.

About Cramond Campus

The site is currently an unused 15 acre area and due to recent years has become an unkept, overgrown and unuseable area due to earlier failed projects for the site.

Earlier consultation meetings with the community have been ongoing with no difinitive answer of what would be best for the area to become. An overall general community feeling that fitness and health would be a benefit to the area.

Team Meetings

What's been happening...

Developers AMA Homes and members of the Cramond Assocation, Brighouse Residents Assocation, Cramond and Barnton Community Council and local Cllr Kevin Lang(on behalf of all local Ward Councillors) have been meeting further to discuss on how to engage the community further to find a sustainable option that focuses on health and fitness.

Where we are at..

Developers AMA appoints PMR Leisure, Sports and Leisure Consultants who will work as the bridge between community, council and developers on community projects to ensure everyone is able to share their views and ideas.

Penny Lochhead from PMR Leisures will work closely with local groups, schools and run multiple community drop-in engagement sessions along side running CramondCampus.org.uk to ensure all the community have the opportunity to share their views.