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Community Engagement Sessions

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Thank you to everyone for your time who attended the drop-in on Thursday 28th at the Kirk hall. We received some really supportive and encouraging positive comments on the community engagement outcomes from of the last 8 months work and that we are going in the right direction for the site.

It was lovely to see everyone again. However, we realise not everyone could attend so we have put the 6 boards we displayed on here for anyone to read in their own time. The process is continuous engagement, so please if you wish to, send comments to the email below so they can be added to those we heard at the session and help is shape the plans as we move to the design stages for the site. This is not in the formal planning process at this stage.

Please email with your comments or by filling out the Contact Us form.

Agreed Planning Route Map

Route Map
Download The latest planning route map for Cramond Campus.